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Our goal is to fundraise $22,000.00 by the end of 2022.


As this calendar year begins to wind down, we embark on a new new era for Music Education in Maryland!


MMEA needs your generosity to build reserve funds. These reserves will ensure quality programing and enrichment for our talented students, and professional opportunities and development for the hard working educators.


MMEA has a wonderful future ahead and YOUR contributions to this campaign will help to keep our organization moving forward.  





$20.22, $202.20, or $2022.00

all to honor the year 2022!


You can also give a custom amount.

Please consider a one time gift, or a monthly contribution. 

All financial contributions to MMEA are tax deductible.  Learn more about joining MMEA/NAfME.

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For sponsorship opportunities, please email Anthony Conto, Executive Director at

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