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Greetings from the Advocacy Chair!

I will be sending advocacy updates to MMEA members and all music educators around the state of Maryland throughout the school year. If you want to call attention to an advocacy issue in your county or at your school, please contact me.

I hope you have a safe and successful start to the 2022-2023 school year!

Amy Hairston, Advocacy Chair

Advocacy Newsletters

Please read the newsletters below for information

and links on how to advocate for music programs.

September 2022

MMEA partnered with arts education associations from Dance, Art, and Theatre regarding the lack of Fine Arts representation  at MSDE.

Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 5.26.14 PM.png

Ask your congressperson to support Title IV Part A Funding for Music Education!

Learn more about this coalition and

stay tuned for the campaign.


For arts education to remain central to a well-rounded education and fully funded to support the well-being of all students and the entire school community, we must protect arts educators’ jobs and maintain K-12 arts programs. Visit Arts Are Education for more information.

Thank you to MMEA Membership and our community for advocating for music in our schools!

Over 125 letters were sent to Governor Hogan's office in support of this declaration.


We want to thank Governor Hogan for being a constant supporter of the arts!


From the Proclamation:

"NOW, THEREFORE, I, Governor Hogan, do hereby proclaim March 2022, as 'Music In Our Schools Month' in Maryland

and encourage all citizens to celebrate and acknowledge everyday but especially in March

that Music Education is an essential part of every student’s well-rounded education."


Thank you for supporting music education in Maryland!

Music In Our Schools Month-1.png

Since every program has different goals and individual needs, the following organizations offer ideas and tools to help garner the most support and resources for your music program. These sites include regional and state agencies, federal institutions, and independent advocacy organizations.

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