Board Elections
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The Maryland Music Educators Association (MMEA) hosts annual elections to elect officers to the MMEA Executive Board


We welcome all music educators in Maryland, regardless of MMEA membership status, to nominate a colleague or self-nominate for a board position. The nominating committee will review all nominations and engage potential candidates in conversations about responsibilities, expectations, and vision.


We are dedicated to building a diverse and inclusive community in which participants and members of all backgrounds can access events, programs, services, and be treated fairly. Harassment, discrimination, prejudice, or bias in admission, employment, volunteering, or administration of its programs and activities on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, religion, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or expression, political affiliation, ancestry, or military service will not be tolerated.

Open Positions

In accordance with MMEA Bylaws, the following officers are elected in:


  • Odd-numbered years: President-Elect; and component association presidents representing MCEA and MODA.


  • Even-numbered years: Recording Secretary; Member-at-Large; and component association presidents representing MBDA, MGMTA, and MSMTE. 


Position Descriptions

  • President/President-Elect (six-year commitment): Facilitates Executive Board discussions that help shape the conferences and communicates the overall vision of the conferences. The President, with Executive Council, sets the agenda for Board meetings and presides over the meetings. The President shares the leadership role with the President-Elect.


  • President-Elect: Assists the President with conference promotions and works collaboratively on planning and implementing association initiatives. Updates Board Book annually and chairs the Nominating Committee. Coordinates Annual Conference Happy Hour. Updates MMEA Strategic Plan every five years. 


  • Recording Secretary (two-year commitment): Records the minutes of Executive Board meetings, edits them for accuracy, and presents them to the Executive Director and President. The Secretary is a full voting member of the Executive Board.


  • Member-At-Large (two-year commitment): Serves the board’s strategic needs as determined by the president at any given time. A member-at-large is a full voting member of the Executive Board.


  • Component President/President-Elect (six-year commitment): Heads the Component Board and coordinates the policies and procedures for state activities, conference sessions, and event conductors. The President contributes quarterly articles to the Maryland Music Educator and coordinates the material for the All State handbook. The President, along with the President-Elect determine All State ensemble placement. The President also determines representatives on the component Board to include managers and committee heads.

  • Component President-Elect:  Supports the president of the component. The President-Elect, along with the President determines All State ensemble placement.


Policies and Procedures

  • MMEA Membership

    • Nominators are not required to be members of MMEA

    • Nominees are not required to be members of MMEA

    • Upon accepting candidacy, the nominee must be a member of MMEA


  • Committee

    • The Nominating Committee will be comprised of the following individuals:

      • MMEA President

      • MMEA President-Elect

      • Either the President or President-Elect for the Components electing a President-Elect

      • MMEA Recording Secretary and Member-At-Large during the years which these positions are being elected 

      • At-Large representatives as appointed by the chair. 

    • Committee members must recuse themself if they plan to self-nominate. 

    • If a committee member is nominated by a colleague and are interested in the position, they must recuse themself from the committee. 

    • The committee must have an odd number of members and not to exceed eleven. 

    • In all voting matters of the committee, a simple majority shall prevail.


  • Recommended Slate of Candidates

    • The Nominating Committee is charged with forming a recommended slate of candidates to be presented to the MMEA Executive Board for approval. 

    • The committee will review all nominations before selecting 3-4 nominees to interview per position. 

    • Interviews will be scheduled with select nominees to learn more about the individual, as well as facilitate an opportunity for the nominee to inquire about the position and responsibilities. 

    • No candidate will be run unopposed. 

    • No candidate may run for multiple positions simultaneously. 

    • Only two candidates will be recommended for each open position. 

    • In the event the Executive Board rejects the recommended slate, the Nominating Committee will reconsider all nominees. 


Nominating Committee

  • Jennifer Kauffman, Committee Chair, MMEA President-Elect, Anne Arundel County

  • Brian Schneckenburger, MMEA President, Baltimore County

  • Chris Cicconi, MBDA President-Elect, Towson University

  • Ashleigh Cicconi, MGMTA President-Elect, Harford County

  • Louise Anderson, MSMTE President, Wicomico County

  • Edryn Coleman, At-Large Representative/MCEA President, Howard County

  • Maurice Watkins, MMEA DEIA Committee Co-Chair, Prince George's County

  • Jeffrey Avery, Supervisor of Fine Arts, Allegany County