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State Music Repertoire Lists

MMEA maintains graded repertoire lists for Band (MBDA), Chorus (MCEA), and Orchestra (MODA). The lists include solo/small ensembles (brass, woodwinds, percussion, all vocals, all strings, guitar) and Large Ensembles. We do not keep a list for piano.

We are pleased to announce that we now have a repertoire list for Harp, both pedal and lever, curated by the MODA Harp Representative. This new list is linked below.

The review committees for each component are composed of an appointed chair and no less than four (4) additional member educators.
MMEA members only are welcome to submit to the approved repertoire lists. We accept submissions for inclusion, grade level change, removal, and clarification. 

MMEA is dedicated to building a diverse and inclusive community in which people of all backgrounds are treated fairly. We celebrate the creativity, unique strengths, and talents of all musicians, while ensuring outreach to individuals and communities that are underrepresented in music education. Each component’s committee is composed of a diverse group of educators from across the state. We treat all participants equitably and provide consistent, clear, bias-free, and transparent standards in our repertoire list selections. 

Note to Composers: MMEA will only accept compositions from MMEA members. Composers are welcome to work with any of their MMEA educator contacts to request a piece be considered for inclusion.

Submission Requirements

  1. MMEA current membership is required to submit works for review and to complete the submission form. Please join/renew here.

  2. Links to a public performance, a link to the publisher or public domain, and a copy of the score (either in word/pdf form or an online accessible link) must accompany each submission.

Review Timeline
Committees will meet quarterly, based on the dates below. Additional meetings may be held at the discretion of the committee chair and component leadership.

The deadlines* are as follows:

  • August 1 – 1st  deadline

  • August 31 – lists updated

  • November 1 – 2nd deadline

  • November 30 – lists updated

  • February 1 –  3rd deadline

  • February 28 - lists updated

  • May 1 – 4th deadline

  • May 30 – lists updated

*If the deadline falls on a weekend or office closure, it will move to the next business day

Please direct all questions to MMEA staff at

Maryland State Repertoire Lists

Please note: 

You cannot request access to repertoire lists from school issued email addresses.

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