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MMEA 2023 State Solo & Ensemble Festival - Recorded Format

Congratulations to the students who qualified and participated in the

2023 State Solo & Ensemble Festival!

Click here to view a list of the schools who had participating students.

Adjudication and Rating

Performances will be judged by MMEA educators/adjudicators. For solo submissions, adjudicators will only see the student’s first name, instrument/vocal part, and composition title/ID/grade/scan/recording. For ensemble recordings, adjudicators will see the student’s grade level, instrument/vocal parts, and composition title/ID/grade/scan/recording.

If an adjudicator recognizes a student, the submission will be reassigned, to avoid a conflict of interest.  


UPDATED - Click here for updated festival rubric.

4-18-23 - Please note that the scoring for this rubric has been updated to reflect current festival practices. The scores will be calculated as follows: I/1 = Superior; II/2 = Excellent; III/3 = Good; IV/4 - Fair; V/5 = Poor.


A highest total score for a solo submission would be five (5); a highest total score for an ensemble submission would be six (6). Ratings will be assigned using the scoring chart at the bottom of the rubric.


Certificates will be provided to the caregivers of performers. Note for 2023 - Neither pins, nor medals will be provided or available for purchase.

​​Questions and Communication

​To help facilitate this process, caregivers or students may need to communicate with MMEA staff for questions and support. We ask that the student’s music educator be copied on all messages to MMEA to assure transparency and accurate communication. MMEA staff will extend the same courtesy if staff needs to communicate with caregivers.

Please contact MMEA Staff at with questions.

Solo & Ensemble Festival Committee

Jeffrey Baer; Chair; Supervisor of Fine Arts, Wicomico County Public Schools
Jennier Kauffman; MMEA President-Elect, Baltimore County Public Schools
Dr. Christopher Cicconi; MBDA President, Towson University
Scott Engel; MBDA President-Elect, Washington County Public Schools
Toni Daniel; MCEA President-Elect, Wicomico County Public Schools
AnneMarie Karnbach; MODA President-Elect , St. Mary’s County Public Schools
Andrew Blumhardt; Instructional Specialist for Fine and Performing Arts, Charles County Public Schools
Paul Hatton; Instrumental Music Instructional Specialist, Prince George’s County Public Schools
Jana Hobbs; Music Educator, Wicomico High School, Wicomico County Public Schools
Shane Jensen; Music Specialist, Baltimore County Public Schools
John Wojciechowski; Director of Instrumental Music, North Harford High School, Harford County Public Schools
Anthony Conto; MMEA Executive Director

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