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Maryland Music Educators Association (MMEA) seeks to cultivate teachers at all career stages. The 2021 Young Professionals Mentoring & Networking Conference, held on Saturday, October 2, 2021, connected peers from the western panhandle to the eastern shore to develop meaningful, professional relationships, serving as a lasting support system.

Attendees engaged in sessions on the following topics: common early-career challenges, teacher licensure, career path, developing a personal code of conduct, transitioning from student to teacher, personal finance, and MORE!

Additionally, mentor program participants will participate in small (7 members max), peer-groups facilitated by a current, seasoned, PreK-12 music educator in Maryland to aid and guide new music educators through the first years of teaching. 

Anyone self-identifying as an emerging or novice teacher in Maryland was invited to participate in the mentor program. Prospective attendees must be at least 18 years old at the time of the conference to participate. This was a virtual event. 

Attendees were welcome from Maryland and beyond and earned “5 contact hours” of professional development for attending.

Conference Session Topics*

  • Opening Keynote: The Importance of and Making the Most of the Mentor/Mentee Relationship

  • Overcoming Common Challenges for Music Education Majors

  • Transitioning from Student to Teacher

  • Overcoming Common Challenges for First Year(s) Teachers

  • Personal Finance and Planning for Retirement

  • Small-Group Peer Networking & Idea Share for Collegiates

  • Small-Group Peer Networking & Idea Share for First year(s) Educators

  • Lunch & Learn: Leveraging the Strengths of a Teaching Artist

  • Determining when/if it is the Right Time to Change Majors

  • Navigating Teacher Licensure

  • Career Path: Options, Planning, and When to Get Out

  • Developing and Living by a Personal Code of Conduct

  • Closing Keynote: Developing a Relationship with Your Professional Association

  • Small-Group Mentor/Mentee Networking & Idea Share for Collegiates

  • Small-Group Mentor/Mentee Networking & Idea Share for First Year(s) Educators


*Schedule and order of topics may be subject to change

Conference Schedule

Click here for the conference schedule.

Continued Mentoring & Networking - Peer Groups

After the conference, peer groups will meet virtually each month to discuss challenges, opportunities and share successes. Groups will be designated by common teaching interest/content area and stratified by professional level (future music educator/first year(s) teacher). Members will be randomly assigned but not grouped with individuals from the same employer/institution/organization. 


The February 2022 session will be face-to-face and hosted at the 2022 MMEA Annual Inservice Conference in Baltimore, MD, February 4-6, 2022. Monthly sessions will conclude in August 2022. 

Mentor Program Session Topics:

MMEA Executive Board members will develop a series of 15-minute vignettes on the topics listed below. Program participants and mentors are encouraged to view the video and review other provided resources prior to attending the monthly session. The first 15-minutes of each monthly session will be reserved for discussing the topic of the month. 

  • November 2021: The Power of Reflecting 

  • December 2021: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Access

  • January 2022: Classroom Management

  • February 2022: The Importance of Professional/Continued Learning (Face to Face Session)

  • March 2022: Advocacy

  • April 2022: Social Media In and Out of the Music Room

  • May 2022: Building Social Capital with Students and Caregivers

  • June 2022: Curriculum Development and Standards

  • July 2022: Preparing for the Fall

  • August 2022: Wrap up & Debrief


Participants are encouraged to provide recordings of themselves teaching to facilitate group reflection and collective problem solving among peers and the mentor. 

Attending all monthly and face-to-face sessions is not required but is highly encouraged. 

Registration and Rates

The conference and mentoring program space is limited to 98 future educators and 98 first year(s) teachers. This opportunity is only open to future and current teachers in Maryland. Participants must be current residents or enrolled in a college/university music teacher education program in Maryland.  Those not from Maryland may participate in the conference only option.

Event registration fees are non-refundable unless the MMEA Executive Board cancels the event.   MMEA is not responsible for covering any costs (registration, travel, housing, meals, etc.) associated with attending the face-to-face session. 

Recommended Registration Rates*

  • Student Conference & Mentor Program (member) - $55

  • Student Conference & Mentor Program (non-member) - $115

  • Educator Conference & Mentor Program (member) - $55**

  • Educator Conference & Mentor Program (non-member) - $220**
  • Conference Only (NAfME member) - $30

  • Conference Only (non-member) - $200

​​​Not a member?  Save $20 when you join/renew your MMEA/NAfME membership before registering for the conference. Click here to join/renew your membership

*MMEA is dedicated to ensuring all those seeking resources have the access they need. As such, attendees may choose a “Pay What You Can” option or a recommended registration rate.

**Includes CPD Credit


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Credit

Those seeking Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Credit* are required to attend and account for attending no less than 16 session offerings, between the conference and monthly sessions. An additional one-page action plan developed by the educator outlining what they learned, how they plan to implement, and how they will inform/engage administration in the process will be required before CPD Credits are issued.  The CPD credits will not be issued until the conclusion of the program in August 2022.

*Educators licensed in the state of Maryland are required to complete six CPD credits every five years to maintain licensure.


Please direct all questions to the MMEA Staff at