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Welcome to All State Auditions!

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to read the Welcome Letter from the MMEA President and Executive Director

To nominate a student, please review the Audition Handbook for full information and nomination links.

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All State is an opportunity for public, private, and independent school music students across Maryland to audition for premiere, state-wide ensembles. The ensembles are conducted by renowned conductors from Maryland and across the United States. All State ensembles are grade level and content area specific (including band, jazz band, commercial band, chorus, and orchestra.) 


MMEA is dedicated to building a diverse and inclusive community in which participants and members of all backgrounds can access events, programs, and services, and be treated fairly. MMEA does not tolerate harassment, discrimination, prejudice, or bias in admission, employment, volunteering, or administration of its programs and activities on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, religion, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, gender and gender identity or expression, political affiliation, ancestry, or military service.

All State Ensembles

For All State 2024, the following ensembles will be seated: Junior Band, Junior Mixed Chorus, Junior Orchestra, Senior Band, Senior Jazz Band, Senior Commercial Band, Senior Mixed Chorus, Senior Treble Chorus, and Senior Orchestra. 


If a student is selected, the ensembles will rehearse and perform during the following dates:

February 23-25, 2024, Baltimore, MD
Senior Band
Senior Mixed Chorus
Senior Treble Chorus
Senior Orchestra

March 7-9, 2024, Hanover/Baltimore, MD
Senior Jazz Band
Senior Commercial Band

March 8-10, 2024, Bethesda/College Park, MD
Junior Band
Junior Mixed Chorus
Junior Orchestra (strings only)

Audition Timeline

Mid-August - Full All State Information and Materials Available


Mid-August to September 27 - All State Nomination Window - All Ensembles


October 2-18 - All State Audition Registration Window (Junior/Senior Band, Junior/Senior Chorus, Junior/Senior Orchestra)


November 1-8* - All State Registration/Audition Submission for Senior Jazz Band and Senior Commercial Band


November 1-8* - All State Registration/Audition Submission for Senior Harp


November 11* - All State Auditions for Junior Band (Brass, Woodwinds, Percussion), Chorus, & Orchestra (Strings)


November 18* - All State Auditions for Senior Band (Brass, Woodwinds, Percussion), Chorus, & Orchestra (Strings)


Early December - All State rosters released

Audition Times - All time slots for in-person and live-virtual audition will be released one-week to 10 days prior to the audition date. Time slots will be posted using the audition number as a reference. No student identifying information will be posted.


*There is no alternate audition date/submission window.

Audition Options

In order to provide students with equitable access to audition opportunities for All State Ensembles, MMEA is offering both in-person and live-virtual auditions for most of our ensembles.


  • For Junior and Senior Brass/Woodwinds, Chorus, and Strings, MMEA will be offering both in-person auditions and a live-virtual synchronous audition process. 

  • For Senior Jazz, Commercial Band, and Harp, auditions will be virtual-asynchronous via a recorded audition.

  • Eligibility requirements for auditions/ensembles are the same (EXCEPTION: Senior Commercial Band). 

  • Audition requirements for the live-virtual auditions will contain the same components as the in-person auditions. 

NOTE - In-person auditions are encouraged, however a student can request a live-virtual audition option at registration. All live-virtual auditions will be in the mornings only of the dates listed above. Please see Audition Process steps in the handbook for more details.

Audition Materials

Please access THIS DOCUMENT for All State audition materials for all ensembles.

Questions and Communication Policy

To help facilitate this audition process, caregivers or students may need to communicate directly with MMEA staff for questions and support. We ask that the student’s music educator be copied on all messages to MMEA to assure transparency and accurate communication. MMEA staff will extend the same courtesy in the event staff needs to communicate with caregivers and/or students.  

When communicating with MMEA regarding All State auditions, please include the student’s full name, grade, ensemble(s) they are auditioning for, and instrument/vocal part. Once a student has completed the audition registration process, please include the audition number in any communications. 

Please consult with your student’s nominating music educator and this FAQ. If your question is not answered, contact MMEA Staff at

Bonus Free Event - Music at Maryland: All State Clinic Days

The University of Maryland School of Music is pleased to offer again this year, free All State clinics to auditioning students. Please click here for details and registration links and forward to your caregivers and students. This information will also be included in the registration emails to caregivers. NOTE: The clinics and the auditions are separate registrations/events.

Please read the 2023-2024 All State Audition Handbook for full audition information.

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